CoinMetro Design System
GUI and UX design, product design and branding


This revolutionary Cryptocurrency startup is in quest to provide high-quality fin-tech services for decentralised finance adepts. An innovative, elegant design system was created, which communicates the security and high quality that distinguishes their service.


Designing the perfect product is not an easy task. We had to find a balance between simplicity and complexity. We sought to create a powerful and modern interface that would be versatile enough to accommodate all of the users we expected to come across.

Users and audience

Become a member of the most progressive company in the industry and become a part of the cryptocurrency world. No experience is needed to start earning from your investment as soon as you sign up. You'll be able to set your own goals, invest as much as you want, and withdraw anytime. All transactions are 100% secure and anonymous.

Roles and responsibilities

I have performed as the Senior Product and UX/UI Designer.


The design process was started by doing the research and facilitating the design workshops, followed by creating mood boards and sketches. After sketches and wireframes approval, I created the final high-definition designs in Figma and handoff them to developers.

Disciplines: UX Research, Design Thinking, Agile, Hi-Fi Prototype, Wireframes, Usability Testing, Product Management.
Team’s approach for this project An Agile UX, Lean-Start Up, Design Thinking coined by Dave Landis.


During the design phase, we have tested the concept and site interactions with five people who are representatives of our target audience. The input of important decisions has been collected.


Our team created a beautiful user experience for this company to help their clients to  use their interface. The new design not only made it easier for the company to build recognition and credibility, but it also helped them attract more customers and clients.