F-Secure App Permissions Application

GUI and UX design

F-Secure lokki


F-Secure App Permissions is a FREE app, requiring ZERO permissions, that gives you a very simple and useful view of all of your installed apps, easily identifying unwanted apps that may threaten your private information, as well as bloatware, and helps you uninstall them.


There are a lot of utility applications on the market, but not many are easy to use. Our task was to create the to use app that will also be supporting our cybersecurity brand and help users to make their mobile experience more secure.

Users and audience

General audience, people who care about the security and performance of their devices.

Roles and responsibilities

My job was to create a graphic user interface for this app and participate in the product strategy and planning.

Coat color trait chart

Scope and Constraints

To design a mobile application for android devices.

My key contributions in this project:

• Participation in Research Strategy Direction

• Service Blue Prints

• Participation in user Interviews

• Product backlog / Feature prioritisation

• Wireframes / Hi-Fi Prototype

Disciplines: UX Research, Design Thinking, Agile, Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi Prototype, Usability Testing.

Team’s approach for this project:

Agile UX, Lean-Start Up, Design Thinking coined by Dave Landis.



This application was a good addition to F-Secure product portfolio.