Sandvik is a producer of the mining machines. The task was to create the GUI for the dashboard controls for operating the machine.


 MyDogDNA is a DNA testing service for dogs that helps you see what your dog is carrying in its DNA.


 MyCatDNA is a product of MARS-owned company Wisdom Health that provides a simple and easy-to-use testing service to help pet owners better understand the health and also to increase the well-being of their cats.

F-Secure KEY

F-Secure KEY, an app developed by F-Secure, a leading cybersecurity international company.

F-Secure Lokki

F- Secure Lokki is an app that keeps track of the group of people for the members of the group. It tracks the person’s location with the app installed on his/her device.

F-Secure App Permissions

F-Secure App Permissions is a FREE app, that gives you a very simple view of all of your installed apps, easily identifying unwanted apps that may threaten your private information.