SANDVIK Mine Machines Dashboard

GUI and UX design



Sandvik is a producer of the mining machines. The task was to create the GUI for the dashboard controls for operating the machine.


Because the changing enviroinment – a total darkness in the mine and the bright sunlight on the surface plus a low quality of the display we faced the challenge to define the optimal color palette and sizing/design of icons and indicators of the interface. 

Users and audience

This interface is used by the operators of the mining machines, their working environment is quite aggressive: No conditioner, an open cabin and changing light conditions.

Roles and responsibilities

We have the Project manager, UX researcher, UX Interaction designer and myself, in role of GUI Designer.



I have created the design screen mockups using Adobe Illustrator and exported them in jpg format.

Disciplines: UX Research, Design Thinking, Agile, Hi-Fi Prototype, Wireframes, Usability Testing, Product Management.

Team’s approach for this project An Agile UX, Lean-Start Up, Design Thinking coined by Dave Landis. Total of 3 sprints was run in the 21-day period.


During the design phase, I have tested the colour palette and contrast by uploading the images of the interface screens to the real device used on the machine and checked it in the bright daylight and totally darkness. 

After these tests, I found that to ensure the best optimal readability I need to use the monochrome grey palette with extended contrast and the bright blue colour for highlights. 

Despite the desire of stakeholder to use the smooth gradient and more skeuomorphic design we come to the conclusion that it’s impossible due to the low quality of LCD displays. 

After I created all the screens they were tested on the real machine in a test mine of Sandvik. 

As a result, the interface has been approved.


As an outcome, we delivered a high quality GUI that making the mining machine’s operator’s life easier and more intuitive.