Igor Polyakov

Senior Product Designer and Creative Director

About Igor

Igor polyakov

Proven leadership, business acumen, and imaginative flair provided accurate and effective UX strategies to grow businesses through human-centred design.

Solid success guiding and implementing new user experience processes and senior-level product design across varying industries, from conception through launch. 

Effortlessly creates digital advertising campaigns, based around evidence-driven, agile designs. Connect cross-functionally to develop accord and guarantee projects meet all milestones and budget requirements. 

Easily adapts to new technology and innovative processes while ensuring compliance with corporate standards.

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+ 358 44 7337045


Selected works

Design workshop


Igor is very talented GUI Designer! We worked at the same graphic design team and Igor have a lots of creative ideas. Igor can draw very quickly different kinds of graphic elements and have talent to flash animations.

Susanna Luhtala

Igor is multi-talented visual design professional and it is easy to work with him. 

Vesa Härkönen

Vesa Härkönen

Director, Institute of Design and Fine Arts at LAB University of Applied Sciences

I "found" Igor originally because I needed a graphical designer who is capable of creating icons for user interfaces, a skill that is surprisingly hard to find. We were so impressed by his work that decided to finally get the whole corporate identity from him. He can provide great results in a very short time and also can provide good input on the visual side of marketing strategies. 

Vesa Härkönen

Timo Ruohomäki

Program Director of Data and IoT at Forum Virium Helsinki, the Innovation Company of the City of Helsinki

Design are not only design, it is creativity and business opportunities. That is what Igor is for me, business in design.

Vesa Härkönen

Stefan Engeseth

CEO Detective Marketing ™


Phone: +37258014702

Email: igor@polyakov.org